In the center of Laval:
- Access to the highway 19 (1 minute)
- Access to the highway 440 (5 minutes)
- Val-des-Brises shopping Center (5 minutes)
- Lausanne Park and its dog park (5 minutes)
- Snowmobile trail (3 minutes)

Condo located on the back side of the building overlooking 
the yard of a single-family property.

Explanation of the area:

Cadastre 5 134 212
Condo (76,7 square meters or 825,59 square feet)

Cadastre 5 164 403: Outdoor parking lot (13,2 square meters 
or 142,08 square feet)

Any buyer buys for the purpose of occupying himself the 

** The photos are from another condo in the same building 
with the same dimensions and layout. **
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